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Creating The Perfect Online Dating Profile

By on January 1, 2015 in Online Dating with 0 Comments

Online Dating ProfileIf you’ve finally got around to putting up a profile on any of the online dating websites, and a few months have gone by with no contact from anyone. Have you thought maybe your online dating profile is just plain wrong.

Here are some tips for creating the perfect online profile:

Photo etiquette

A picture tells a thousand words… So does your online picture you use in your online profile. Here are some the must dos of online photo’s

  • Make sure you are fully dressed

Girls, you might think the bikini shots make you look super hot, but for the guys looking online, the ones that are seriously looking for a potential partner will be turned of, the ones that are looking for the next notch on a bed post will be turned on. So cover up and post tasteful photos.

  • Post recent photos

If the last photo you have of your self is ten years ago, get something a little more modern, make sure that some of your photos are taken in the last 3 months, make sure you have at least one head shot and one full body shot.

  • Take of the sunglasses and hats

Unless you need to hide some hideous deformity take your glasses and hat of. They cover too much up, you need to be able show you full face in a nice head shot.

  • Stay away from glamor photos

You might have the urge to put up that glamor model photo you had done. Don’t whilst it would show you in the best light, it doesn’t show you in a true light, and just remember we are in the real world…  We don’t walk around Photoshopped.

Write the truth, but not War in Peace

When you start writing your online dating profile, be truthful and honest, but stay away from writing to much, no one wants to read a novel, at the same time don’t be to brief either. Write about yourself, what interests you, as well as what your looking for in a potential partner.

Always remember honesty in the best policy, if your only 5ft, don’t put down that your 6ft 3′.  If you hate going to the beach, don’t put down that you love the beach.  Its the quickest way to end a potentially great relationship.

Try to fill in as much as you can

Most online dating sites have compatibility tests and plenty of boxes to feel in, such as likes and dislikes e.t.c. take the time to fill them in. the more information you can provide, the more likely it is, someone that has similar interests will find you and make contact.

Going online has become a really easy and popular way to meet new people… So by creating a online dating profile that people will respond to, drastically improves your chances of finding the potential one.  Just remember your dating profile, is a reflection of you.  You want to show yourself in the best light possible.

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