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How To Plan The Perfect Date

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Perfect dateGreat so you’ve got as far as asking someone out, that your keen on. They’ve said yes… now the panic sets in. What exactly are you going to do on the date ?

You’ve heard the saying “Fail to plan, plan to fail”, well being successful at dating is no different, you can’t just rock up to pick your date up, when they jump in the car, you ask them “So what do you want to do?” That’s a great way to end the date quickly, and be sure that you will never get another one.

Here are some simple tips that will help you plan the perfect date:

Find out what they like to do

If your just starting to get to know someone, and are thinking on asking them out on a date. You don’t want to take them skydiving and find out they’re petrified of heights. Or take them to an all you can eat seafood restaurant. and they are allergic to seafood.

Its all about that fantastic feeling when you first meet someone, and you take the time to get to know them. That’s the perfect time to ask questions like, ” So what do you like to do”, “What do you do for fun” or “Would you be up for …..”, this is the time when you get to find out if you have things in common.

Hatching the plan

Once you know what they like to do, the next step is to plan the logistics of the date. Do you pick them up, or do you meet them there ?. Is it two tickets to their favourite band ?, or is it a intimate meal for two at their favourite Japanese restaurant.

Make sure you know what you are doing, how to get there and back, and make sure you have either enough cash in your wallet or credit cards to cover the expected cost.

If you’re going to a restaurant that neither of you have been too before, make sure you read the menu’s beforehand. you don’t want to get caught ordering something you don’t want to eat, or a very expensive bottle of wine, just because you didn’t read the menu properly.

Executing the plan

If its a first or second date, make sure you arrange to do it when you both have time, you don’t want either party to be rushed trying to get to and from the venue, or on a week night when you both have to work the next day. Remember that this is the time, when you want to focus attention on getting to know someone, its a lot harder to do if your tired or rushed.

Follow up after executing the plan

Follow up is important, if its early in the dating relationship, especially if its a first date. Send a quick follow up message, especially if you like the person. If you’ve dropped them home, or walked them to the car. Just a quick text message saying, “Hi, thanks for tonight, had a great time, hope to do it again”, is a great way to gauge response.

Then wait, yes waiting is the icky part, but if they feel the same way you’ll get back a positive response. If they don’t send a positive response or any response at least you’ll know where you stand with them.

If it’s in the first few dates, and you are sure you’re not developing feelings, tell them. Its best to tell the other person upfront, so they know and can move on.  Just remember, dating is hard for both parties for the first few dates, They feel as awkward about it as you do. So take your time, stick to the plan and it will all work out.

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